January 24, 2008

It's Snow Time In Thimphu and Paro - 2008 Snowfall in Bhutan

WOW!!! - I Could n''t Believe it that Thimphu did get Snowfall for the year 2008, I was Lucky to witness it. It was Pretty Much a Better Cover and in Thickness compared to last year, This year saw a good amount of Snow and it did last for a Day.

Check out the Snow Fall Pictures of Thimphu Town

Opposite of Thimphu Town
Thimphu Archery Ground Covered with Snow
Memorial Chorten - Thimphu Bhutan

Snowfall during Night (Clock Tower Square - Thimphu)
Hills Covered with Snow in Semtokha
National Highway in Thimphu - Snow capped in Mountain
Live Snowfall Pictures - Thimphu City Bus Stand
Thimphu Traffic Police off to Duty During First Snow Day
Clock Tower Square of Thimphu
A Car Covered with Snow - Look at the Thickness of Snow Fall
Snow on Pine Trees
Changlimithang Ground Covered in Snow

Snowfall Pictures of Thimphu City - Snowfall in Thimphu


Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

at last you came back to the block. Well, snow in Thimpu and snow in Vienna are different.

I love Vienna but I miss Thimpu.


cosmicdust said...

so, u are back home safely...

thank you for the pictures...and you had a day off because of snow, right? say hi to abi...

keep posting...

arcibaldo said...

wonderful pictures. thimpu does look different with the snow.
welcome back.

ugyen said...

Phew!!! Finally This Blog got something to feed Now !!!!

Dear Champagne,
Thanks for Checking Out - The Snow was a Timely for Us, I Just Got The Day Before and the Snow Was All Over the Next Day i woke Up in Morning.

Hey Cine Man
We are Back Home Safely and We could Bring Home Nothing but the Snow !!!
Thanks a lot man, well Indeed we had a Day off on the First Day of the Snowfall... Will Send Regards to Abi If i Meet Him.

Thanks for Checking Out - Indeed Thimphu Looked SO Diferrent with Snow Covered everywhere. Thanks For the Welcome- Yeah I Am Back and Back To The Work.!!

"Happy Snow Day"

EvaAndersen said...

Hi Dear,

i Like Your Blog Very Much..I see Daily Your Blog ,is A Very Useful For me.

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