December 23, 2007

Bhutan First Ever National Council Elections

Merry Christmas to all My Readers - "Happy Holiday"

Bhutan First Ever National Council Election

As Bhutan Prepares for the Democratic Election in 2008, Local Medias and Newspaper are all with the News every Weeks. Just 7 Days for the First National Council Election Vote will will be Held in 15 Dzongkhag of Bhutan on 31st December 2007.

Check This Video out -


arcibaldo said...

a warm and merry christmas and a fruitful and auspicious new year too to you and everyone else.

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

you have 15 provinces. From the reading of the Hero with thousand eyes by Karma Ura, I felt that there are some differences between west and east Bhutan, isn't it? I mean food, traditon etc. I wonders how many dialects you speak in Bhutan??

cosmicdust said...

merry christmas

Anonymous said...

Hi Ugyen,

Merry Christmas.

I am trying to find what the word "Paro" means. Can you help?


Saraswatee (France)

Anonymous said...

Arcibald, Champagne, Cine and Saraswatee - Merry Christmas and Happy New year in Advance (lol), Sorry For the late reply, i had to rush these days with my works, Champagne - Am So Sorry for not able to reply you, Beg pardon for that,

Saraswatee, I have no idea about the Meaning of paro town but i am sure if i can get the help of layman or the elder people, i can provide you with some or no information, Will try my best to find it out and Let you know.

"Happy New year"

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Ugyen! So sorry I am late! Hope 2008 is an excellent year for you.

SMD Alumni said...

Hi! Ugyen Lak, You seem to be very quite these days. What's the problem? Did you break your camera or computer? hahaha........
Anyways, I just wanted to say that this blog needs to bring back into live. As you might have known already, Bhutan managed to top the top 10 destinations for tourists for the year of 2007. So here you go then, you have a very big reason why you should bring this blog live.
I look forward to seeing more of your initiative in showing how beautiful our Bhutan is to the rest of the world.
Cheers Ugyen:)

ugyen said...

Hi Bhandarr,
Well Thanks for your concern but i must say that i couldn't get the Time and yeah of course my camera is Stolen!!!!, I Am Just Away from Home for some reason and will Updates This Blog as soon as possible.
It is Great to See Bhutan the favorite Tourist Destination - Looking forward to Get the Stuffs Soon.
Best Wishes

arcibaldo said...

hi ugyen, we're missing your updates and entries for 2008. it seems you're really busy. anyway hope to read from your blog soon.
i feel sorry for your camera. i'm sure from the loss, more blessings should come.

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