September 3, 2007

What the People of Thimphu do on Weekend?

Thimphu City As Seen from BBS Tower

How about Half Naked

Q : Who got the Best Body?
Answer : ---------------->

Wonder what the Boys of Thimphu do in weekend, well they take the road towards the Sangaygang, the Lover Paradise and the one of the only place in Thimphu where you can see whole of the majestic Thimphu City. Thought this isn't the place to post this picture but, can't let those chicken lik body and fatty body. The Sangaygang is the best place to be to refresh yourself after a tiring week days in office. The view of the Thimphu City is Breathtaking once you be there and if you are interested, you can do a short hike in and around the BBS tower.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Thimphu. When were they taken?

As for the guys, I think they really need to lift some weights and get a little toned before they decide to take their T Shirts off and pose for a picture. Way too flabby!! hehe


ugyen said...

Hey Akoo,
Thanks for the comment. Well i took that Picture somewhere in June side.. hahah lolz..well the guys just having fun in Sangaygang, actually they are my friend and we had a weekend ride to BBS tower and other interesting place, the other alternative to kill the time.

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