September 11, 2007

Video : A Presentation on Bhutan

Yet Another Video and This Time , A presentation on Bhutan by chlh03, The Video shows the Pictures of All the Kings of Bhutan. Someone has his thought for the Video "Well kept environment, beautiful landscape, handsome kings and people seemed to be happy. Look at your neighbourhood: Tibet, Nepal and Sikkim, what happened to them. Don't worry be happy!! A tibetan from Switzerland"


arcibaldo said...

i noticed in the video a large painting of buddha (i'm not really certain) on a rock-face. i remember seeing a similar one in thimpu on my way from the capital to tango and cheri gompa. unfortunately, we didn't stop then, and i wasn't able to take a photo of it.

my colleagues i believe are already in punakha for a meeting. i'm hoping to get back to bhutan this november. with the marvelous sights there, you can never go wrong in your pictures.

ugyen said...

Hey Arcibald,
The Painting Pictures is from the Begena Road which is on the way to Tango. Hahah well i know you been to Bhutan quite frequently and you know more of the Places and the People than few Bhutanese People do. Anyway Hope to see you here soon.

arcibaldo said...

actually i've been there only once which was last may for around four days for work. could have extended a couple more days to observe the holiday at the end of may but we were told there would be no celebrations. instead of a celebration, i think everyone planted trees.

during that holiday, that was when i visited the temple in thimpu and the monasteries in cheri and tango. started that day with a big bump in the temple but the day ended with me feeling more enlightened - some sort of reawakening.

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