September 11, 2007

Bhutanese Stamp & World First CD-ROM Postage Stamp

Bhutan to become the first Country in the World to release the CD-ROM Postage Stamp with Video Footages. Bhutan is Known
History of Bhutan Stamp

The Royal Government of Bhutan issued the first regular postage stamps valid for internal as well as international use, on 10th October ’62. Since then the postage stamps of Bhutan have established a reputation in the international market for their thematic value and technical excellence. On them are depicted countless designs of portraits, flowers, pictures of historical Dzongs, animals-indeed the entire gamut of the national heritage of Bhutan in one or all the colours of the rainbow. The stamps of Bhutan have served as silent ambassadors and as emblems of good-will.

Bhutan first captured the international philately limelight in the early 1970s when Bhutan Post released unique stamps made of silk and metal, 3-Dimensional, rose scented and the ‘incredible’ talking stamps - a three set of mini phonogram records that played Bhutan’s national anthem and folk songs.

According to Deki Wangmo, the first Bhutanese stamps were released in 1962 with the introduction of the first post office in Phuentsholing. It released a set of stamps depicting an archer, a postal runner, a map of Bhutan, an illustration of the Paro Dzong, a yak, and a portrait of the First King Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck.

As years went by even Bhutan Post did not have the talking stamp in its record, and a few years ago, it was fetching as much as Nu. 7,000 in the philately market.

“Since then, the postage stamps of Bhutan have become very popular in the international philately market for their thematic value and technical excellence,” Deki Wangmo told Kuensel.

Bhutan Post then went in for more innovative releases. Besides intricate designs of portraits, flora and fauna, endangered animals and birds, Dzongs and the cultural heritage, Bhutanese stamps featured worldwide historical events and figures from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics to the memorial set of Sir Winston Churchill.

Today, Bhutan Post has 457 regular customers of which only six are Bhutanese. Visiting tourists also drop in, at least once, to buy stamps from the philatelic counter in Thimphu, according to Deki Wangmo.

The stamps are usually grouped into two themes, national and international, commemorative and definitive.

Releasing about eight series annually, so far, a total of 256 series of stamps, both on international and local themes, have been issued.

Deki Wangmo told that the stamps are designed by Bhutan Post and printed in Malaysia, Singapore, and India “since Bhutanese printing houses do not have adequate technical capability.”

However, starting this year Bhutan Post has shut down its designing office owing to which competition would be called among Bhutanese artists for upcoming designs.

For More Details on the Bhutan Post Philatelic Bureau, Click here
World First CD-ROM Postage Stamp

Today, Bhutan's stamps continue to feature the country's rich traditions and culture, which have been uniquely preserved over time through the foresight and wisdom of their kings. Bhutan's unmatched innovation in stamps will again lead the way with Bhutan's release of the world's first CD-ROM postage stamp with video footage. The legacy will continue following her father's passing, as Burt Todd's daughter, Frances Todd Stewart, partners with Bhutan to launch this new stamp series. Postage stamps are a window on what is important to a country. It is only appropriate that the country that once told its stamp story on a postal record will now be telling its 21st century story via computer, thereby issuing a stamp that both carries a message and embodies a message.

In 2008 Bhutan will celebrate a very important year: the 100th year anniversary of the monarchy, the coronation of the 5th king and the signing of the new constitution as Bhutan elects to move toward a democracy. Bhutan has chosen to bring this message to the world by premiering the first CD-ROM stamp, which will contain short documentaries of these historic events.
For More details about the world First CD-ROM Postage Stamp, Visit Bhutan Postage Stamps
The Images are from Bhutan Postal Website

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