August 11, 2007

Sertog and it's Importance

The Sertog (golden cupola) is the highest architectural element placed on Dzongs, Monasteries and Royal Buildings. The Sertog is invariably placed on a Jabzhi roof either standing on a Norbu Bagam or on a structure with a Kemar band or on a structure with windows fully incorporated with traditional cornices (Phagna, Bogh. Choetseg, Pedma, Norbu-Bagam, Norbu-Horzhu and Dhurig). The Sertog is also seen on the Jabzhi of a Lhakhang (monastery) that houses very sacred relics. Sertog can be found in every Dzongs and Monasteries depending on the size and amount of gold plated on it.

The Sertog is permissible only on Dzongs, Royal Buildings and on Monasteries.

The Sertog of Paro Dzong placed on double Jabzhi

Changlimithang Royal Pavilion's Sertog on Single Jabzhi

Zangdopelri Lhakhang(Thimphu) Sertog
Paro dzong, sertog placed on the top of the Dzong Structure

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