August 9, 2007

Bhutan Travel and Visitor Information

This Post will guide all the tourist and visitor who wish to visit Bhutan as you can get almost all the Information before you plan your Trip to Bhutan.


Peak Season Rates:
For The Months Of January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December.
US$200 per person per day for 3 or more in a group
US$230 per person per day for 2 in a group
US$240 per day for a single individual

Off Season Rates:
For The Months Of July and August.
US$165 per person per day for 3 or more in a group
US$195 per person per day for 2 in a group
US$205 per day for a single individual

Individual tourists and couples are subject to a surcharge, over and above the daily rate. The surcharge may also be applied if a member of a group arrives or departs on a separate flight from the rest of the party. The surcharge is US$40 per night for one person and US$30 per night per person for a group of two people. Visitors qualifying for any kind of discount still have to pay this small-group surcharge as follows:

Number of Travelers in a group Surcharge per person per Night
Single person USD 40
Two People USD 30

Tour Cancellation
You are liable to pay the cancellation fee as per the norms of Department of Tourism, if you cancel the Booking.

* Within 30 days of tour commencement: No charge
* Within 21 days: 20 % of the rate
* Within 14 days: 15 % of the rate
* Within 7 days: 30% of the rate
* Less then one week/without notice: 50% of rate
* After arriving in Bhutan: 100%

The Above Rates Doesn't Include of airfare on Druk Air, the Royal Bhutan Airlines.

The Above Tariff Includes.

* All Internal transportation and Porter
* All lodging, hotels, camping equipment
* All Meals, & cooks for camping
* Fluent and knowledgeable English speaking guides

The above prices include all hotel accommodations, food, Internal transportation, an English speaking guide, trekking equipment, tents, a cook, and porter (Mule and Horses),sleeping bags if necessary. Your Tour Operator will be put in Class A or B hotels which are approved by Department of Tourism.

The Rates are set by the Royal Government of Bhutan which is governed by Department of Tourism.Notice : Due to the increase in the competition amongst the Travel Agency of Bhutan, most agents offers discount rates that is illegal which account to poor service. So watch out for those who are offering you with discount rates.


Accommodations throughout your stay in Bhutan is included in the Daily Tariff and it's borne by the Tour Operator. Good hotel and lodge are Available in the towns of Thimphu, Paro, and Phuentsholing for all the visitor while standard accommodation are avail with adequate facilities, Resorts, lodge and guest house operates in the smaller towns of Bumthang, punakha and Wangdiphodrang. All the tourist hotels and resort are approved by the Department of Tourism.

Food and Drink:

Traditional Bhutanese food are hot and spicy. But for most visitor menus from Chinese, Indian, and Continental are served in most hotels and resort. Ema Datshi the popular Bhutanese dish which is made from chilies and local cheese would be an fun and life time experience for those who want to try out the local dishes. During trekking, the cook are trained and have greater menus of your choice which makes you feel homely in the highland of Bhutan. Liquor are served and for a change to local brewed band, coronation whisky, silver jubilee whisky special courier are available plenty full.

Internal Transport:

The Internal Transport from the Airport pick up till the Drop would be carried out by the respected travel agents of whom you are trip has been arranged. You doesn't have to pay anything for the transport as it is covered in your daily tariff. The vehicle for the guest are all imported cars and buses depending on the Number of pax. For a pax of two or three, Haice Buses are used while a larger group, transport are arranged in bus and coach for a comfortable journey in hilly and mountainous roads full of curves thus giving an full excitement.


Most Bhutanese Travel Agents are well equipped with experienced guides and with fluent English speaking. The Department of Tourism has enforced all the Travel agents that the guest to have full time attendant during their stay in Bhutan. So you as an tourist or visitor need not have to worry about anything as all of the arrangement will be done by the guide from taking to the tourist spot to accommodation and so on. Bhutanese Guides are trained and Licensed by the department of Tourism which makes it possible for every guest to have the best holiday or trekking.

Tourist Seasons:

While Every months has it's own charm,and with increase in the number of arrival of tourist in Bhutan, a trip to Bhutan can be planned anytime of the year but the best time to come Bhutan would be from March to June and other Best time is from mid September to November. The reason being, in this months there are many festivals throughout Bhutan and it's good time to explore the colorful Tshechu and for those who want to see the Glimpse of the white covered Mountains during trekking. To avoid the necessary accommodation in good hotels and lodge it is advised that you get your Travel booked in Advance as This two period will witness the most arrival of tourist in the kingdom.

Bhutan Visa:

Tourist Visas: All Visitors visiting Bhutan are required to get their visa approved from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to air ticketing and your arrival in Bhutan. The Visa can be proceed from the Travel Agents based in Bhutan upon confirmation of your Travel to Bhutan. The following will be needed for the Visa Approval.

1: Your full name (EXACTLY as it appears in your passport)
2: Permanent address
3: Occupation
4: Nationality
5: Passport number
6: Date of issue and expiration of passport
7: Date and place of birth
8: Telephone Nos
Download Bhutan Visa Application Form

Once the Visa is proceed, it will generally take about two weeks which will be faxed to you or via email. The visa will be granted in the Paro International Airport upon arrival, you need to show the visa copy where they will stamped your passport. The Visa Fees of US$ 20 will be borne by individual which can be transfer to the respective Travel Agents in Bhutan along with the Druk Air Tickets Amount.


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