March 13, 2007

Trekking In Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan is very enjoyable and worth. Bhutan Being in the Himalayan region and covered with mountains and hills all over gives a wide range of trekking through out the years. The Most popular Trekking route is Jumolhari Trek which is 10 days of uphills before you Reach the Base Camp of Jumolhari Mountain, the Most beautiful Mountain in Bhutan.

The Jumolhari Trek starts from the Drugyel Dzong in Paro where the road end, the trekkers makes their trip early morning as they have to walk about 6-8 hours depending on their ability to walk uphills. The trekkers have to camp for two nights before they camp in Jangothang (Base Camp of Jumolhari Trek)

Once the trekkers reach Jangothang, they can hold the breath and do day hike around the base camp and take photograph of the beautiful mountains and the area. As the trek is just half way before you cross the Lingshi where you will come across with plenty of Blue Sheeps and Musk deer on the way.
After 9 Days of hard trek, you will then reach Thimphu. The Video shows some clip of Trekking where a horse get hurts and....

The other treks are
Drukpath which is 4 days, in paro
Gangtey Trek , 9 days which is in Phobjikha , the winter home of rare Black Necked Crane
Bumthang Trek ,8 days, The Most beautiful place in the bhutan and is known as the switzerland of Bhutan.
Gasa Hot Spring Trek, a 15 days trek, the popular Hot spring in Bhutan where Bhutanese people from all over the country goes every year, Bhutanese people believe that hot spring is very good for health.

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