August 23, 2007

Bhutan 2007 Magazine : A publication of Department of Tourism

The latest magazine on Bhutan has been Released by Department of Tourism. The magazine special features is "A King of The New Millennium" - The Fifth Druk Gyalpo Leads Bhutan into a new era. His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk Addressing the Nations on National Day of Bhutan in December 2006.

The Magazine features:

  • Notebok (Counting our Blessing, At the Heart of Transformation)
  • People and Culture (A King of the New Millennium - The Fifth Druk Gyalpo Leads Bhutan into a new era, Tasty Tales - The Flavours of traditional cuisine, The Many Tongues of the Dragon - Inside Bhutan's Drivers linguistic heritage, The Story of Old Man of Gadan - Humour keeps Ura's Yakchoe Festival Alive)
  • Art and Architecture (Palace of Bhutan - Architectural monuments of Bhutan's rich past, Dyeing : A living Tradition - Natural dyes makes a comeback, The Dragon's Gift - A Traveling exhibition features Bhutanese art)
  • History of Bhutan (Back in Time - The story of Bhutan first Civil war, Bhutan: What's in a Name - Tracing history through the legacy of maps)
  • Nature (Pilgrims of the Skies - Black-necked Cranes have a safe haven in Bhutan)
  • Travel (Walking Through History - New heritage treks traverse the countryside, Inside the Hidden Kingdom - Bhutan Preserves it's Culture as tourist flourishes)
The Magazine is rich with beautiful images that shapes the stories.

The Message that the magazine deliveries to all the readers

"As Bhutan has been chosen as the hottest Destination in the world, this magazine provides an insight into the Bhutan that we would like to share with our readers around the world. The stories bring to life the raw beauty of the majestic terrain, the flavor of the rich culture that makes the kingdom unique, and the warm of the people that makes the world appreciate us.

As Bhutan becomes increasingly sought after as a travel destination, and as more people visit Bhutan every year, we would like our guests to truly understand our country and people. Our stories tell of who we are. Why is that we want to preserve our traditions and our values? What are the challenge we face in a rapidly changing world? How do we thrive as an small country in a large world?

The Department if Tourism welcomes the growing numbers of friends who come to share our experiences. We request that they not only understand Bhutan aspirations, but that they help us achieve the vision that have made Bhutan an example of balanced ecology, sustainable growth, and a happy people. "

The magazine can be purchased from the Department of Tourism Office in Thimphu as well as can be purchased from the Book Store in Town, the price of the Magazine is US $10 or Nu. 400.

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