July 12, 2007

Chappati and Chicken Curry in Gelephu

Gelephu Which is 8 hours drive from the Capital City Thimphu has distinct weather condition, the only place in Bhutan where the land is almost plain with hills just rising. Gelephu has been also selected by the Royal Government of Bhutan to have international Airport which has been delayed due to some reason.There are plenty of hotels and restaurant where they serves you with Bhutanese Dishes and Indian Dishes, you can smell the aroma from a far range as the Kitchen get a delicious Food.

This is what the gelephu district hotels serves you during hot humid weather condition. Recently i been to gelephu and had by chance been to a hotel during lunch time, i had my friend along with me, the weather was so hot and we decide to have some indian food. Well i got myself few piece of roti and chicken, the combination of those two would let anyone go non stop. The curry was largely mixed with masala and all kind of ingredients, it was a tasty food though. My friend went for the normal rice and curry, he did go for fish.

That was a lovely lunch, sweeting in the heat and getting the right kind of chappati made my stomach lively.Looks yummy mosh!!

Chappati and Chicken Curry for lunch

Chappati Made from Wheat flour

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