July 11, 2007

Prayer Wheels and it's Importance

Prayers Wheel are another typical Buddhist phenomena. They are usually crammed with mantras, a similar to prayer flags, it is taught that the power of the mantras will spread when the wheel is turned. The more mantras, the better, Prayers wheels come in many variations: from handheld, to huge that requires serious muscle power to set in motion. They can be moved by hands, water or wind with this cool tool, even your hard disk can function as a prayer wheel. They are also called Mani-wheels, as the wheel usually contains the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM, which is the mantra of Cherezig (Avalokiteshvara in Sanskrit). The following story describes the origin of the prayer wheel (from Tantricheartwheels.com) : “Arya Cherezig predicted to Master Ludrup Nyingpo, “In the place of the land of Naga is the Naga King Bodhisattva, who is the owner of a profound wheel of Dharma, By Hearing, Seeing touching or thinkingof this wheel, one can swiftly attain liberation from the suffering of the three lower rebirths. If you go and fetch this wheel, the benefit to sentient beings will be enormous”.

Consequently, Master Ludrup visited the land of Naga and said to Naga King Bodhisattva, “Oh, Naga King Bodhisattva, Please pay attention to me. I have come here because Arya Cherezig prophesized that the benefits to sentient beings will be enormous if I beg from you your profound wheels of Dharma, which can liberate beings from all types of sufferings of lower rebirths just by hearing, seeing, touching or thinking of it. Kindly give it to me.”

Naga King Bodhisattva replied, “This wheel of Dharma, which has the quality of quickly liberating all transmigrators from the great suffering of the three lower rebirths merely by the hearing, seeing, touching or thinking of it, was kindly given to us in the past by the Buddha Mar Mezed, and has given Nagas much happiness, through it many have been led to the grounds and paths of Buddha hood. This Dharma Wheel of the Mantra Om Mani Padme Hung, the essence mantra Arya Cherezig received from the Buddha’s upon request, and which represents the essence of all the qualities of body, speech, mind, and actions of the Buddhas. I shall give this wheel to you. You must place it on or in earth, water, fire or wind and use it for the sake of Dharma and living beings.”

The wheel was passed on top Master Nagarjuna together with it’s instructions for use. M
Another phenomenon is to cut mantras into stones, and pile them up to form entire walls. As the Mantra carved onto the stones is again often the Cherezig mantra “OM MANI PADEME HUM”, they are also known as Mani-Stones, often Combined into Mani-Walls.

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