May 10, 2007

My Taxi Ride to Office from Home

Well, This might be not an appropriate post to post here but still i decided to put it on, The theme of the Video is "My Taxi Ride to office from Home" and yea, i stay way down in Olakha (Below Simtokha) which is around 5 km from the Capital City Thimphu and luckily the double lane highway has made easier for me and for all the people staying. My usual and all over Bhutan office timing is 9 am in the morning to 5 pm in th evening. It depend on the winter scheduled and summer as during winter, Thimphu get into freezing point and government does have summer office timing and winter office time. The winter office timing starts from 9 am in morning to 4 pm in evening.

If you are work place is far away from your home, you get the all sort of trouble like being late sometime when there is none to give you lift nor the taxi come on the way. Check out my video about "Taxi Ride to office from Home". Anyone wants to share your thought, feel free to leave comment.

1 comment:

dmr said...

is it cold over there? i mean whats the temperature like there?
If you dont mind me by asking, what are you working as? It looks very preserved the building there... I mean was it always like that? the structure maintained? How old history does the city has? haha sorry just had to ask haha... It looks hard to catch a cab.. (aiks..)

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