May 10, 2007

Bhutan Beautiful Nature and Hills Picture

I Just love the Green Scenario of Bhutan, Just awesome and wonderful, the Mountains and hills cover up the most part of Northen Bhutan and few plain area in the south. The vegetation changes as you go high up from foothills (Phuntsholing, Gelephu, Sarpang ) where you get the broad leaves all around and at around 3000 meters above sea level, the place like Thimphu, Paro, haa you will find the green Pine Tress.

Lowland Area of Punakha District and Wangduephodrang are no short of Pine tress but does have other vegetation. Bhutan is blessed with natural vegetation covering almost 60% of the Land and mostly the forest area. Well one can find different vegetation species on your way uphill to Dochula and other higher altitude places of bhutan, the Rhododendron, blue poppy, National Flower of Bhutan and other beautiful flowering plant.

One might be fascinate to see the beauty of the bhutan vegetation and the nature as you take the road during your course of Journey, the road going all the way from hills, narrow valley and broad valley, the rivers which flows down the valley makes even more fascinating with pure and clean water which comes all the way from the mountains. The view are simply mind blowing.

The road are narrow that at times you can only have one vehicle space to accommodate but with the road widening at the progress, there will be enough space for tow or three vehicle to travel freely. The below are the picture taken of the Bhutan hills, river, and places. Just an perfect place for the tourist destination for all of us.

Sharp Turn Roads Across the Hilly Area of Bhutan

Bhutan Rivers Flows Down the Southern Foothills

A Iron Bridge on the Way from Paro to Thimphu

The Beautiful Hilly Scenario of Bhutan, Notice the Rivers flowing below


dmr said...

yea, i heard very little about the place. Its always said to be expensive to get there...Now i can browse through ur blog to know a thing or two bout this place... Great blog btw..

ugyen said...

Hi Marcus raja,
Thanks for the comment, well it is pretty much expensive to get into bhutan, yet still people come.. and thanks for the kind words, well i have been trying to give information about Bhutan to outside world.. been trying to get all the available info too.
thanks again

dmr said...

yea its sort of a secret country aint it? haha hidden from all... Its great that you came up with this blog, show us more bout it...

Well a matter of fact my Mum is going to Bhutan, so i thought of getting your Email? or something? so that we can communicate? Probably even keep in touch? :)

My mum will have questions...haha as for me i am just dreaming of heading there haha.. My mum is going sumtime this year...I hope its not much trouble. She has been going around looking for books about Bhutan and peoples experiences there. So whats better but to ask the person right? :)

i found ur blog in a very funny matter infact;I was browsing in my friends blog "Quaint Melody" and wrote a comment where i saw ur name Not a common name thats for sure haha.. so, curioused i click and found Bhutan Heaven sent website haha... really its such coincidence.
Hope to keep in touch!

david santos said...

Excellent posting!
Thank you.

ugyen said...

Hi David Santos,
Since You have Made Three Comment, I would Reply to you only once for all of them and Thanks a lot for your wonderful Comment.

Best Wishes

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