May 14, 2009


Hike to Phajodhing is one of the must do hike while in Bhutan. It is a day long hike and it is graded as medium hike. Even a physically challenged people can effort to opt for the hike as the trail is characterized by gentle and easy slope. The trail passes through the mixed forest of pine trees and Rhododendron. Same trail is used for the Druk Path Trek and the local people often walk up to Phajodhing temple to offer butter lamp and to pay homage during the religious days.

Hiking either from motithang or from the Sangaygang view point offers equal fascination over the natural scenes of Thimphu valley and the Mountain pass over Phajodhing. The trail still retains its virgin ambiance and one will really love hiking. Various chirping sound of birds can be heard on the way and the place also serves as the bird lover's paradise. The forest encompasses various species of flora and fauna.

Tashi Dorji and I started hiking from the back side of the sangaygang view during the sunny Sunday and the day had offered a perfect time to take a good pictures of natural scenes and I hope all of you will enjoy with the photographs. Both of us hiked for 5 hours leisurely taking good pictures of scenery spot. The day's hike ended with a cold rain shower and the trip marked a wonderful week end.

Panoramic Ariel view of Thimphu valley.
Crimson scene of Phjodhing and Thimphu City.
The amazing vast sky enveloping the earthly delight
The rich floral exhibition by the nature
Down way bifurcation and stairway Junction point
The creator of Human basic needs
Seeing the nature's creation with natural mind and soul
Chhoekhortse temple, a solitary place for peace lovers
Multicolored Prayer flags in the vicinity of Chhoekhortse temple
Backyard of Chhoekhortse Temple
Fluttering prayer flags signifying Peace
The Trail heading toward Chhoekhortse
On the Trail above Sangaygang view point
Hike from Kawajangsar to Sangaygang view point


arcibaldo said...

this is only a day hike from thimpu center?
would like to try this if i get fortunate enough to visit bhutan again.

ugyen said...

Yeah Arcibald, it's just a day hike, can make it in a day from Thimphu and Back Again, It's beautiful to see the Whole Thimphu City view from above Phajodhing.



Willow said...

I tried to recollect memories of my trip through your pictures.. Sadly though, much is lost.

Best wishes..

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