January 3, 2009

Brand New Tour to Bhutan

Bhutan Abbot Tours and Travels wishes a happy new year,2009 to all the travelers from across the globe. Best wishes to those who are planning to travel to Bhutan.


dmr said...

hey man! TOUR BHUTAN sounds AWESOME!! i'll add that to my visit list after i graduate :D~

How are u doing? its COLD HERE! haha... Btw! i still wear the Bhutan shirt u gave me! haha wearing it proud! LOLZ... no one has it! haha...

oh ya, i remembered one of ur post about the adidas bhutan sweat shirt? i think i saw it in 'Step Up 2' the guy is wearing it at the end of the show lolz... i was like wow! haha but that was a while back haha

take care!

Cooking Class 101 said...

hi ugyen..how are you? it's been a long time we didnt chat.. :D hope all is good with you..

i need your help :D .. im back to this blogging world and i need to ask you how to put the contact me with gmail on the side bar of our blog hehehe.. forgot how to put all the features..

thanks a lot - LINDA -

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