December 10, 2007

Thimphu Only Super Market - The Tashi Super Market

I was Writing an email the other day to someone and been really was not into this Post, Well I thought i should have got a clip or few long time back but didn't manage too. The Pictures Was of course for KC who needed for her Project and she was glad to have it. Well the things is that Though Thimphu is One of the Fastest Growing City in The World, There could have been lot of Departmental Store and Super market , Apparently Tashi Super market is the Only Super Market which you could shop around in Thimphu Though there are couple of good Grocery and other shop around. Located in the Clock Tower Square of Thimphu, it is Most accessible for people Staying in Thimphu. "Gwad" - Amazing Bhutan - Thimphu Super Market, Shopping Complex in Bhutan, Good Shopping Place in Thimphu

Inside Tashi Super Market - Children Corners

Computerized Cash Machine

Shoppers Shopping In Tashi Super Market

Tashi Super Market View from The Door

Juice - Cold Drinks - Pepsi - Minerals Water


Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

It seems that a lot of things are imported from Thailand. I see some juices, toilet papers. So lovely supermarket.

You normally wear Gho to work or at home??

By the way, now I realize the power of "wai", the gesture of paying respect in Thailand. That is, H.M. Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangsuck has impressed Thai people with "wai". This has led me to yBhutan.


Anonymous said...

Hahah Champagne,
I guess There are Plenty numbers of Item that is Imported from Bangkok and for Bhutanese People Thailand Goods are Mostly A Number one priority be it cloths or other items. There are Hell Lot of Thai products SOld in Bhutan.

We wear Gho while in office and sometime at home but not always.

Well I don't Have the idea of "Wai" Meaning but in Bhutanese when we referred to someone or on Excitement and lot's More, Example : I can called My Fried - "Wai Dorji" Hope you get it

Our King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk is indeed a true Inspiring leader for all the People of Bhutan, no Wonder Thai Ladies did Go Crazy At Our Kings because of His Majesty Simplicity.

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

Wai is a gesture you see on the street. Two hands is raised at the chest and make like a lotus. Like Indian people do and say Namaste.

Anyway, do you use notebook? Bhutanese like Notebook Computer? They use Microsoft or MAC.

I use MAC.

When H.M. Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangsuck makes "wai" we all smile. Myb His Majesty reads your blog :-))


Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

Up to now, I still don't know what is your career?? Engineer? Is that secret? If so, I am sorry.

I guess you are not over 30. I am elder and old. 35 already and still busy with Research .So boring my life.


ugyen said...

Dear Champagne,
Well Our His Majesty Did left a big mark on Thai Ladies. I Would be the happiest Person if His Majesty Read My Blog. I work and i would rather email you about my career to you, I am Touching 30 in less than 4 years from now.Well your job looks interesting, a researcher Job would be Interesting. I wish i was an researcher as well :-)

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

I am lecturer, Department of Intensive Thai Programme. That is, teaching Thai to foreigners. But I majored in German, Minored in English and Spanish for B.A.

Now I am busy with and got headache with my Ph.D. dissertation in Korean Linguistics.

You are so young and still have a lot of chances in your life.

My email is

It is highly possible that H.M. Jigme reads your blog.


ugyen said...

Dear Champagne,
Well You better take rest, I am sure how hectic your work would be and thanks for the email, will mail you later as i am updating my office website at the moment. I have no idea if His Majesty read My Blog or not but would be an Honor if His Majesty Read my blog.
Good Nite
Am going home as well

arcibaldo said...

pictures are beautiful. forgive me if i have to remember some more things i did there - and i remember a lot from this supermarket. this is where i bought the silver jubillee whiskey, and also the yak cheese (which is still frozen in my freezer), a bottle of apricot jam, and cinnamon-saffron tea.
and i remember asking the lady in the cash register for ngundrum coins (for my coin collection) and she gave most of her coins to me, aside from telling me a thing or two about cooking ema datsi with the yak cheese i bought.

ugyen said...

Hahah Arcibald, Well I hope that the Yak cheese is Still Fresh, Well Most Tourist go to tashi Super Market for shopping, It is the Best For all kinds of Stuffs. ANyway Thanks for the comment, I should be heading to home now, it's already 9:40 PM. Have to go High Up in freezing Coldness of Thimphu.
Good Nite Everyone

Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) said...

You go home very late at night.

Good night


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