November 13, 2007

Photo A Day of Bhutan : Majestic Dochula Chorten

A Photo A day from the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan - The Last Shangrila - Guys Enjoy the Picturesque Dochula Chortens. "I say you say you say i said you said and everyone said that we all say and you say that i love Bhutan and we love Bhutan and Bhutan is best that's why Bhutan is call th last Shangrila and perhaps the heaven on earth, Don't feel shy to say Bhutan is Paradise on the Earth -- ( o_o ) %$^$#^))(*&%$#@$^&*(^$@!@!@!@!@!@!$$%&^&^^%^&%$$$ This is what i do when i am Bored !!! Guy Just Ignore this !!!! Wipee!!! Holla!!! Palden Dukpa!!!"

Majestic Overlooking Dochula Chorten

108 Stupas

Dochula Chorten


arcibaldo said...

hahaha you really love your country. that's admirable. but truly, you do have a beautiful country with a rich culture and environment.

ugyen said...

Hahah Arcibald.. Well that's what i do when i am Bored.. Anwyay Nothing Love Than Your Homeland, Are you still In Phil or you in Bhutan?

arcibaldo said...

was supposed to leave for bhutan next week but we postponed the work trip to january/february so i'll be staying in the phil for now.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Thought You are In Bhutan as what last time you said you will be in here sometime in November

SMD Alumni said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Keep on putting more pictures of Bhutan on the blog. I can't help myself not look at the face of our motherland. Thanks and keep up your great job.

ugyen said...

Thanks for the Lovely Comment, Indeed Bhutan is wonderful Place to be,,, i got few pictures on My pc, Will try get it on the Blog soon
thanks again Buddy

norrbu said...

These pictures are great. I've always wanted to visit Bhutan (since Bhutanese are probably closest to Tibetans). Sorry yar, I'm not Bhutanese. But I'm sure we don't have to go back very far to find a common ancestry.

ugyen said...

Hi Norrbu,
Well Sorry for the Misunderstanding you taking into account as one of the Bhutanese, But yea , by far we do belong to same Ancestor if we dig into it.

The Chortens is one of the beautiful you will ever find in Bhutan built in Dochula Pass and i do make frequent vist during free time and on holidays, SImply Awesome to be there.

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