August 1, 2007

Rafting and Kayak in Bhutan

Bhutan is blessed with the mountains and hills in the Northern part of the country which drives the flow of rivers, rivers in Bhutan are narrow and pass down from the lowland meandering and the hard current as it generates from the higher land to lower land. Rivers in Bhutan are plentiful to be found and the characteristic of the rivers is that it has high current and the depth about a maximum of 5 meters, it passes gently in some places and on other hand passes with loud noise created by the hard current. Bhutan tourism has introduced the water sports with Rafting and Kayak the popular amongst the tourist lately in the selected rivers. Punatshangchu rivers which flows from the lunana and towards the plain area of the Valley and Wangdiphodrang provides the ideal for the rafting and kayak in Bhutan.

Not all the rivers of Bhutan are exploited for the water sports due to safety as the hard current and the steep flow of water makes it difficult and dangerous for the sports lovers. Rafting and Kayak in Punatshangchu rivers provides the most exciting water adventures as the rivers flows broader towards the lowland and at places it has swift current to take a dipper in the river. For a tourist or visitor who want to experience rafting and kayak in Bhutan have to go through few high profile tour operator in Bhutan as only selected travel agents have the facilities and the trainer for the sports. But for most of the visitor who are on an extreme adventure through the Himalayan country get their own gears and equipment shipped to Bhutan. Rafting in general can be an exciting in Bhutan for those who want to challenge the narrow bend and the swift current not to mention the big boulders and gravels on the way.

Rafting in Bhutan Against the Hard Current and the boulder

Excited after an hour or so in the river

Trying to get into the river bed

Going Down the Steep rivers flow

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Make sure your travel insurance covers such sports as white water rafting. Some travel insurance carriers will consider this an extreme sport which requires special Adventure Travel insurance. The premiums are a little higher, as the risk of accident/injury are higher, but you not be covered otherwise. Make sure you understand what your travel insurance does and does not cover.

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