August 24, 2007

Bhutanese Zakar (Astrology)

Check out the Bhutanese Astrology for the Three days for day to day life, working and lot's more.

For: 24-08-2007

Auspicious for: Propitiating gods and deities, conducting chagu-yanglen, lue-cho, jin-seg, sri-nen, entering new houses, handing and taking over anything, holding discussion, starting construction of houses, sowing seeds, planting flowers, organizing and celebrating events. But people who are born in the year of mouse and pig should be careful as it is their shezha. (unfavourable day)

Inauspicious for:
Conducting consecration and blessing ceremonies, performing divination for alive and dead person, inviting guests and paying grain debts.

For: 25-08-2007
Auspicious for:
Doing usual works and offering prayers.

Inauspicious for: Arranging marriage, starting education and construction of houses, shifting house, handing and taking over anything, taking medicine, commencing business, taking dead body out of the houses and calling upon superiors.

For: 26-08-2007
Auspicious for: Performing consecration and blessing ceremonies, handing and taking over anything, sowing seeds, planting flowers, commencing business, to take long journey, taking medicines, inviting guests, learning rig-nye, entering new houses and calling upon superiors.

Inauspicious for:
Propitiating god and deities, conducting jin-seg and sri-nen.

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