August 16, 2007

B- Mobile :Bhutan Mobile Service Provider

B-Mobile which is the sole cellular service in Bhutan initiated in 2003 with user from 10,000 in the first year now has about 200,000 potential cellular service users in the country and B-Mobile having already captured about 70,000 users today and still counting. B-Mobile was given the license for a five years period, which expires at the end of June next year.

The Service that B-Mobile Provides are :

Post Paid Service:
The standard package that consists of Voice, SMS, Call Forward, Call Hold, Call Wait, CLIP, STD and ISD facility. Other value-added features like CLIR, voice mail, itemized billing, international roaming, etc...can be added on as per requirement by paying additional charges. Nu. 10,000 security deposit is required to availing international roaming facility. Postpaid service is available only from B-Mobile counters.

Post Paid Tariff:
The Call charge ranges from Nu. 0.75 per 20 Second for Local Call and Nu. 1.25 - Nu. 1.75 for STD Calls.

Pre Paid Service:

Prepaid service offers a standard package containing voice, SMS, CLIP, STD, ISD facility. Prepaid service is quite handy and is recommended for budget conscious people. Prepaid service can be availed from any B-mobile customer service counters or from B-Mobile dealers in town.

Pre Paid Tariff:
The Call Charges range from Nu. 0.75 in off Peak (21:00 hours - 8:00 Hours) and Nu. 1 for every 20 Second.

Send short text messages to communicate with your family, friends and colleagues in an affordable and reliable way. This service is available to all B-Mobile users. Each text message can contain 160 characters (including space). Any message containing more characters than this limit will be sent as two or more messages provided the handset is capable of it.
The charges for SMS are as follows:

Within the Country: Nu. 1.25 per message
To India: Nu. 5 per message

International (excluding India ): Nu. 10 per message

Recharge Vouchers :
Recharge vouchers (scratch cards) are available at B-mobile customer service counters and dealers in the town. They charge a certain amount from each card as processing fee.
Various denominations of recharge vouchers are available from Nu. 50 to Nu.2000, for most common people Recharge voucher of Nu. 50, Nu.100, Nu.200, Nu.300 and Nu.500 are most preferred. The processing fee and Validity depends on the Amount of Recharge with Nu. 50 have the minimum Validity of 15 days and Just Nu.5 as processing Fee. Nu.100 and Nu.200 have 1 Month Validity. Nu 500 and Nu 1000 carries 2 Months Validity with Nu.1500 and Nu.2000 have the maximum validity of Three Months.

Frustrating Users:

This is something that every Mobile User and Cellular user of Bhutan would be aware and would be gossiping about the Service that Bhutan Telecom Limited Offers,With the amount of User increased day by day, the service in terms of call has deteriorated and when you attempt to call during the peak hours which starts from 5 PM to 9 PM in the Evening, you will be dialing about 20-30 times to get a line, this has been the much talk amongst the Bhutanese Mobile users, Step has been taken By B-Mobile to provide a efficient service yet it is still the same.

Nu.300 Prepaid Recharge Voucher

A Prepaid 200 recharge Voucher

Nu. 50 Prepaid Recharge Card

The Serial Number for The Recharge Coucher

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