July 21, 2007

Vegetable Farming Lucrative for Small Landholders

Bhutanese People are blessed with fertile land where they could cultivate different varieties of vegetable to make a decent living, especially if you have small land holdings. Most Bhutanese people of wangduephodrang, punakha are lucky to have the weather and monsoon favoring the growth of varieties of cash crops and food. There crops are grown through out the year and provide them a varieties of choice to sell in the market which ensure a steady supply and a steady inflow of cash if one works hard enough. With the Thimphu Vegetable market opened from the early Thursday till Sunday, the demand for fresh vegetable has increased at large where people of Thimphu have plenty to chose for the curry.

With the growing numbers of Bhutanese vegetables in the market, people of remote villages are paid off for their hard work and this is the only mean of getting few pennies to home for the purchase of kitchen necessity. For most of the Bhutanese farmers, they come with handful of vegetable transported from the village to the town area, most Bhutanese grown vegetable which are in the market are the chilies. Cabbage, brinjal (Egg plant), beans, sag, ferns, pumpkin, coriander and lot’s more. With government investing and training more farmers to use of new modern technology for the farming, Bhutan would be looking for sustainability in the production of vegetables products in near future. A seed sown for a poor farmer would mean a good amount of cash once it’s harvested. Most Bhutanese people still depends on the farming in remote parts and a good years of harvest would be an joy for whole families.


Anonymous said...

Great article Ugyen, as always. I wonder how much a farmer rougly earns in a year these days? I have heard and read stories about farmers in chapcha really making a killing with potatoes these days. Anyways great to see our farmers do well. BTW, I still have to get you the banner for the TP post and I will do so as soon as I redesign my logo.

Anonymous said...

Intereesting post Ugyen!

Do you think Bhutan could feed itself without use of petroleum powered macinery or petroleum/chemical/manufactured fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified foods, etc?

Ultimately I guess we are all dependent on farmers or on "food" manufacturers...unless of course we elect to be responsible for producing the food we need to live and to thrive, right?

Any ideas about this one: Why do you think farmers need cash?

You always have such great pictures! What is your secret? :)

All the best,

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