May 30, 2007

Review of MTL Band of Thimphu : Comming Soon!!

This is awesome, well i was wondering where i can find a good quality band in Bhutan, and indeed there are few band which are formed in bhutan, but the newest band which will be rocking the Thimphu will be the MTL Band, a band which a group of young, handsome and smart are taking the toll. The Band which was formed during a dinner party time while they were enjoying the nite and someone with an idea struck the guitar chord and one with the voice of nightangle, they were amazed to their performance that they began to form the band and thus the Newest band MTL is due to be performing live in the Thimphu City. The Band is Sponsored by Ashis and Keen lover of Music.

The Bio-Data of the Band Member :

Name : Danny

Age : 26

School : Graduates

Role : Lead Singer/Guitarist

Name : Tuffy

Age : 21

School : Graduates

Role : Back Vocalist

Name : Victor

Age : 22

School : Graduates

Role : Bass Guitarist / Back Vocalist

Name : Jattu

Age : 21

School : Graduates

Role : Rapper

Name : Hun

Age : 20

School : Graduates

Role : Drummer

Name : Ashis

Age : 30

School : Graduates

Role : Producer

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