May 12, 2007

Awesome Life of Bachelorhood

The Life of all bachelorhood around the world would differ with every person, yet there is similarities that everyone has or does when being a bachelor. Take the case of a room being messed up or kitchen dishes all over. I am sure that everyone must have experienced the life of bachelorhood or as a spinster in their life while you are working in govt office or private office. It is being heard, said and listened that life being a bachelor or spinster is more like a free bird which flies over the destination without a reason. Remember the old goodies days in the school as a boarding student one would be late to the class or might forget to eat his meal on time and later looking all over for junk food. Likewise a bachelor who has a job or working has the most lavish of his life, the feeling of tension, problem are minimal unless you are into some mischief, the worries at home is such that you as an bachelor tend to forget when only at times the need arises where you suffered.

To be precise the bachelor daily life starts with a cup of hot coffee or tea served ready from the boiler which has been kept on for days in the morning and then to office where during lunch time, they might go out with friend in their favorite restaurant where they are offered with credit payable at the end of the month. For few people, they might want to stay at home and watch tv whilst most bachelor would preferred to dress in casual and would be hanging in the city once the office hours is over. They would be hanging out with couple of good/bad friends in a bar or a pool room or a hangout places. The real enjoyment and fun takes place in a pool room where they chatter, gossip about the works, about girls and so on, grab a chill beer whilst they aim for the black to pot in the hole. When on party nights, it becomes much more fun with a couple of calories burned down as they rock the dance floor with a partner or in a group. Wouldn’t it be a nice life being a bachelor to have all sort of fun all days, week, and month, but how long one can sustain with a mere salary of 150 odds USD per Month keeping in mind to pay the house rent, electricity bills and other items, yet they still manage to live up to the expectation, WOW!!

Now, let’s talk something very interesting about the home or the place they stay. Some guys are a good at home doing the work which women or ladies does keeping the place neat and clean, and whenever someone comes to the place, he or she goes say WOW!! You got lovely place, thumbs up!!, he goes in a corner and giggle, I am forced to do it coz my girlfriend doesn’t want me to stay in a messy room. OMG!! What about the rest of the bachelor guys, are they lazy or is time conscious for them to clean and maintain the room, where their home spread all over with junk of cloths, their bed not arranged, laundry all over the places and empty beers bottle lying down the corner waiting for someone to pick it up and make a good money selling to a vendor.

It would be nice for some to have their bedroom and housed cleaned all the time, but how often can a bachelor guys does have determine to do it, okay, you do it for a day or two and when you have your friend and your girlfriend friends over your place messing up everything as they or you have want to enjoy the moment, as one of your friend put on the music while other ratted the beers. Things would be worse in the kitchen as you opened the rice cooker to see if there is any rice left for the dinner and you are unaware that the rice has been cooked week before and the dishes all over the place eh!! It would be the worse day when you actually take up the cleaning.

Forget about the bedroom and kitchen now, looks around in the bathroom and you will see that the place is right suited for dung flies with laundry dumped or soaked in the bucket for couple of days and even week whilst you scratch your head, take a puff of smoke and then wrap your head with blanket as the snooze keep you away from all the tension. How lovely and interesting life that a bachelor would have until u are tied up with the knot.

“Disclaimer”: The author doesn’t in any way tries to harm or go against the bachelorhood, it’s just the experience and the life that author shares with the reader.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha...yeah really an awesome life going on with the bachelors.Mine is no different from yours.And my home is always in a MESS.Sometimes its difficult to find even my own comb.And *sniff* I got no boyfriend to come over to clean the house.*hehe*
U have a great day marey!
ANd keep up the post! Awesome!

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