April 2, 2007

View from My Window

The Picture in the right is the National museum of Bhutan (Paro Ta Dzong) where i took it while i was going to paro town during my trip with friend. I got that picture taken while moving in car and lucky though i got it right with snow covered Mountain Behind making it a brighter one. This picture is for the FuelMyBlog Photo Competition.

As i live with the Mountains on every side, i think my picture for the fuelmyblog.com who are running a contest call "View from My windows" would be best suited with the nature and the geographical Environment of mine, and hopefully i get a chance to grab a digital camera from them, i am without a camera at the moment, this might be the chance to get hold of it and would be a great help to me getting beautiful picture of Thimphu and Bhutan and then share with the World.

A Words for the Fuel My Blog, They fuel every blog and it's a wonderful to have my blog full of fuel to run for a long Time. There are indeed great Blogs where you can choose a category of your choice for good reading.


BenSpark said...

Excellent photo. Good luck with the contest.

Phuntsho Norbu's World said...

do keep pumping the fuel.. i enjoyed much going through it..and its s grt way to celebrate 2008!

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