April 27, 2007

The Popular Movies Rental Shop In Thimphu City

Ossang Video : The Popular Movies Rental Shop In Thimphu City
Ever Wonder of getting a good movies in Thimphu City and watching at home with a cup of hot coffee as you tune your 40 inches plasma Home Theatre and alongside with your wife or girlfriend or family member for a scintillating one or two hours drama. With the latest buzz and Korean fever in Thimphu City, people wanting for latest Korean movies dominates other Language Movies in Thimphu where people of all ages are into Korean. The youths have their own way of having fun watching the Korean movies as their dressing and hair style have become the trend which the youths feel the taste of Korean looks.

There are good numbers of Movies Rental shops in Thimphu where you will have the latest movies in English, Korean, Thai, Nepali and Hindi. But with ages and the popularity, Ossang Video which is located in Norzin Lam and Opposite of Kelwang Enterprise and Bank of Bhutan(City Branch) in the Heart of Thimphu City is the busiest as the proud owner Mani wiht his everlasting smile shuffled the dvd and vcd around his shelf as he displays the latest and popular movies to the dying fan of movie.He provides the movies rental services in DVD, VCD and VCR off which DVD and VCD movies makes 80% of his daily rental. The Movies rental charges depends on the kind of movies you rent as DVD is charged pretty much high compared to VCD and VCR. Though his shops is full of movies of all ages, football and soccer poster are seen all part of his shops being a fan of football and die hard of Chelsea Club, compared to movies poster.
People of all class come to the ossang video and get a sneak of their choice movie and walks off. The rental for movies is just for a day and if you are unable to return back on time, a penalty or fine is imposed depending on the numbers of days you have kept with you. All said and done, ossang video satisfy and fulfills the need of people who are into the movies habit, i being a fan of Korean movies too had the "My Sassy Girl" watched several times, indeed more than 5 times :-). If you are new to the Thimphu and want to updates with newest movies, walk into ossang video or call @322535 and yeah, till date ossang video is the most preferred video rental shop in Thimphu city amongst the Movies Addict.

The Article is based on the non promotional advertisement of Ossang Video Rental Shop which the Author Feels a Necessary to Share the Information so that everyone doesn't miss the chance to grab the Latest released Movies in the City.


cosmicdust said...

dang! he still eats doma? anyway, osang video is the best in town...:) and mani (the video rental guy) is a good man...

thanks for the update, ugyen. and i feel like renting a movie now...but i would rather go watch spider man (3D) tomorrow...hah!

ugyen said...

haha cineylens, well he still eats doma and ragniganda, but he is a nice guy man.. just awesome place for movies.. lol. 3D Spiderman.. !!

cosmicdust said...

he calls it rajiv ganda for some reason i will never know...and ask anyone to buy a doma or rajiv ganda...LOL...and he is always stocked with WILLS...yup, he is a nice guy, a good friend :) cheers!

ugyen said...

well i have been the victim of anyone whom he sends to get doma or rajiganda.. lol..

Phuntsho Norbu's World said...

I vividly remember forgetting to return DVDs on time and the mani's bro i guess would always reduce the penalty with as smile..
Nice shope indeed!!

Jobove - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

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