March 20, 2007

SAARC Car Rally Video Clip

Finally, i got the Video of SAARC Car Rally which arrived here in Thimphu, the Capital City of Bhutan Yesterday at around 4:30 Pm in the Afternoon. The Participant were warmly greeted by the school student and the Public. I had the rare opportunity to be with the media person. There were Mask Dance and Traditional dance which was the highlight for the Participant.
Do Enjoy the Rally entry into the Thimphu Valley


Unknown said...


Bijoy said...

kewl viedo, nice blog to,interesting stuff you have got here keep up the good in touch


Biby Cletus

Michael said...

Nice entry into the Thimphu Valley and dance was nice too. Interesting stuff on your blog.

BillyWarhol said...

Hey thx for sharing that ugyen!

I enjoyed the colourful costumes & i would love to visit beautiful Bhutan one day!

Cheers! Billy ;))


surjit singh said...

Thanks for information. I enjoyed the pictures,wonderful costume,beautiful scenic view.My good wishes.

ugyen said...

Thanks all for your kind words, indeed i am trying to promote my tiny country to outside world, and am sure most of my friend say they have heard it for first time!!! An My Country is very Beautiful with mountains and hills... and very peaceful too!!!

cosmicsurfer said...

Hi ugyen,

Thank you for letting me know about your Bhutan video. I enjoyed sitting here with my coffee this morning and visiting your Beautiful Home. I Love this area of the world. Enjoyed the music and dancing ! Peaceful and Joyful :-)

All the Best My Friend !!!******

RW said...

Great video ugyen!

Jollyjo said...

UGYEN..thanks for sharing. I wish everyone was as proud of their country as you are.

Thanks to you I am now reading and learning about the country...really fascinating!

ugyen said...

Roger, Thanks a lot man, indeed everyone is proud to be a Bhutanese :-)
Cosmic.. wow!! coffe and video mixed up!! lol.. thanks though

will keep on updating about bhutan, check out.. it's indeed fascinating countries for us!! very peace and clam , the view is superb!!
Thanks Agin to all the people who shared their view, that encourage me to get more and more news and events about Bhutan !!

Unknown said...

Ugyen, thanks for the message about the video. It felt good to see the familiar streets of Thimphu again. And things look very exciting!!
Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. How i envy you all...Ah!

ghee said...

thats pretty cool!very interesting! i dont know where Bhutan is and this a a very fresh and good info for me :)

thanx for sharing!!

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