February 7, 2007

Thimphu get much need snow fall.

I have been expecting that something would happen in a day or so when the cloud covered the Thimphu valley for couples of days..and indeed a sign of snow fall, the rain continued to hit the town for two days and surprisingly when i peep through my friend's windows this morning i saw Thimphu have been covered in whitish color. As i look carefully it was Snow and .. the people waiting for months have finally to celebrate the fall of snow in Thimphu. A usual things that happen everyday.

Indeed it's good to have snow but would be even great if it had lasted for a day or so, but as the people and vehicles began to move .. the glimpse of snow was just short, it did last for hours at night but at around 9 am in morning the snow begin to vanish and melt. A sign of change in global warming.

Snow Covered Just Above Hotel Riverview in Thimphu

A Updated on the Changlimithang Ground for the 100 years monarchy celebration and the official Coronation of fifth King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk. The work seems to make a steady moves as i got few clips today ... the Main ground is been dug for the grass transplantation and other works in side by side.

A sad for the Cricket lovers and all fans around that the Small ground which is adjacent will be used during the construction of the Stadium and visitor stand. Indeed a sad one .

Thimphu Hills Get Snow covered for just few hours

Thimphu City where snow did touch in the Morning

Work in Progress in Changlimithang Ground for 100 years Monarchy Celebration
Monk of Bhutan


cosmicdust said...

hey, that's alright if the guys cannot play cricket, at least the ground will be renovated (hopefully). are there no other pitch than the little stretch of land beside the changlingmethang for cricket players?
nice pictures...and sad to hear about the snow fall. a sure sign of Global Warming and climate crisis.

ugyen said...

Yeah Man...the ground will be taken but i guess what will the cricket players do now..just got one ground... anyway the snow didn't do much damages ..would be great if it hit out for day or two...

domestika said...

I find this very interesting, because Bhutan is a long way from us here in Canada - one of my friends is teaching English in Bhutan right now so I've been very curious to learn more about your country!

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